Companies Are Getting Caught in the Israel-Hamas War’s Crossfire

As the Israel-Hamas war stretches on — with Israeli airstrikes hitting more targets in Gaza amid calls by the U.S. and others to delay a potential ground invasion — companies are finding themselves increasingly tangled in the conflict’s complex politics.

Businesses across the corporate world are seeking to find a balance in their responses to the war that don’t offend users, partners and their own employees. As universities dealing with irate donors have found, that isn’t easy.

Social media giants are dealing with a debate over online expression. LinkedIn issued a warning to a pro-Israel website that accused thousands of people of publishing pro-terrorism content that was apparently scraped off the social network. Critics of the site said it featured people who didn’t explicitly support Hamas or who sought to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Meta has struggled with applying its content policies fairly across its platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company has already apologized for a glitch that translated some language in user profiles from Arabic as “Palestinian terrorists.”


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